Quiet Cave

Welcome to Quiet Cave, the home of Morgue (Morgan) the reclusive elfbat game developer and overall creative. This site is the primary hub for all my creative works and projects, and I'll do my best to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

My blog is where I speak more at length about different topics on my mind. Consider it to be a lengthier form of my twitter (any topic I care about will show up). These posts will be about gamedev, media I have enjoyed (or didn't) recently, and my personal thoughts and feelings.

The game list is a central location to see all the games I have worked on, either solo or as a contributer. Solo works will be under the QuietCave name, but I'm also working to create a dev circle known as SisterSoft in collaboration with one of my partners. If I ever do work with another group/individual, it will be listed here as well.

Other works include things like fanfiction, zines, videos and even random little experimental essays and the like. These essays will be different from a blog post, because the medium of a website will be integral to their consumption, whereas blogposts will essentially just be text. Don't expect this category to update frequently.

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